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Features to look on cell phones:

Best no-contract Cell phones Los Angeles

    1. Case material:
      The case is really a matter of taste, specially for women: pink, good looking and protective.
      You have several options when it comes to materials for cell phone cases. You can go with durable canvas or leather cases that completely cover your phone and screen. Cell phone cases made from rubberized plastic and silicone are also great because they form-fit to your phone.

      For men the story is quite different. Men look for a sturdy-strong case to protect their cells from hits, crashes, falls and all kind of unpredictable situations from sporting activities!

      All good cell phone cases should cushion your phone from falls and bumps, and protect it from scratches. You may not want to sacrifice style for safety, though, and you don’t have to. You’ll find cell phone cases in all colors and patterns that conform to your phone’s stylish shape without looking bulky.

    2.  Access to controls:
      Again, we believe that this feature will a different preference between women and men. Most women won’t care as much for the accessibility as for the pretty look. Men may obsess over this feature to the extent of buying a cell phone that have not only ALL the bells and whistles but the coolest and easiest ways to access specific features! A proof of this is when iPhone updated its software and made the Camera accessible from the home screen.
      Good cell phone cases will cover your phone without restricting your access to commonly used features, like your screen, buttons, microphone and speaker. Some cell phone cases may cover expansion slots or connection ports. If you use those ports often, you may want to look at cell phone cases with openings for them.Some of the best smartphones on the market:

Samsung Galaxy S III - best prepaid no contract cell Los Angeles
Samsung Galaxy S III

LG Optimus F7- best prepaid no contract cell Los Angeles
LG Optimus F7

HCT One SV-best prepaid no contract cell Los Angeles

Boost Force Best prepaid no contrast cell phones Los Angeles
Boost Force

LG Venice Best prepaid no contrast cell phones Los Angeles
LG Venice

Samnsung Galaxy Rush - Best prepaid no contrast cell phones Los Angeles
Samnsung Galaxy Rush

Kyocera Hydro

HTC- EVO- Design 4G

LG-Optimus-F7-best prepaid no contract cell Los Angeles
LG Optimus F7
  1.  Belt clips:
    This feature is usually for men,,, or women with a very active life and into sports.
    If you don’t want your cell phone jumbling around in your pocket or purse with your keys, look for cell phone cases that use, or are compatible with, a belt clip. Cell phone cases with belt clips can sit on your hip, which may actually shield it from more damage than being stashed away.
  2.  Screen protection:
    Ussually the screen protection has to be replaced when it’s scratched.
    Some cell phone cases come with transparent screen-covers. If you have a touch-screen phone, however, this doesn’t work. Instead, look for cell phone cases that leave your screen open, and just add a screen protector that is compatible with touch screens.
  3.  CustomizationBest teen cell plans in Los Angeles

    On the top of customization we find the charms! Yes the funny-little mini-mobiles hanging from our phones.
    You’re not limited to the styles and colors of the cell phone cases you can find on the market. Customize your own cell phone case with stickers, decals and even adhesive embellishments.



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